My favorite Bloody Crumpet, Contessa will no longer perform with Emilie Autumn

After a weekend dedicated to the grateful game, I wanted to take time to share with everyone that I will be giving my full performing attention to other avenues. I will be missing from the upcoming EA tours and wanted to inform you before hand. Thank you Thank You THANK YOU Thank you Thank you thankyou thxu for your amazing energy and delight over these years. Performing for you all, has been

an excelerated life altering experience, and I’m excited to share that again with you through different experiences. There are many tricks up these cannibal’s sleeves and the possibilities ahead are tickling and flirting closely with the future. I will miss this particular experience with you deeply and want you to know my spirit never leaves any stage floor my feet have touched, no arms of any embrace, no genuine connection made. Thank you for being an incredible reflection of inspiration and support. It is time to transform, and ignite into the new, and I look forward to you all being there to laugh, blush, and giggle to a new Contessa adventure.
“There was once just one Contessa, but that didn’t seem like enough”
Forever nibbling your fingers and toes, especially when your not looking~ ConTesSA!!!!!

curtsy, kisses and nibbles…
I really can’t believe that. I wouldn’t be so sad if it was Maggots or Veronica. But Contessa…she was so wonderful and she seemed to understand Emilie’s conception so well during last tour...Why does it have to be now, two days before the start of new tour? What happenned?
I’m really, really sad about this.
First photo of a poster from photos_from_tafwvg